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An AI-driven platform integration solution for Cyber Clinic – AU

Table of contents

Cyber Clinic is an AI-driven Online Mental Healthcare Clinic offering convenient access to mental health treatment via a smartphone. It addresses a variety of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, eating disorders, and child counseling. The application utilizes AI algorithms to match clients with the most suitable therapists, ensuring effective therapy outcomes.

Project type

– Cross-functional dedicated team


– Uplift technical expertise & skills standards for the in-house product development team to prevent future incidents and enhance the quality of service with root cause analysis for recurring issues.

– Successfully transitioned engineering and technical support from the incumbent, with little to no impact on business operations.

– Flexible engagement modeling to function smoothly with in-house engineers & the offshore dedicated team from ITC Group, creating a high-performing hybrid team.

– A 20% increase in team productivity by improving ways of working, processes, and management of the client’s team.

– Increased focus on cyber security and remediation efforts.

– A 98% adherence to SLAs for support ticket resolution, meeting or exceeding agreed-upon response and resolution times.

Key challenges

– Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring that the healthcare software meets all the regulatory requirements and standards set by Australian authorities can be a significant challenge. This includes data privacy laws, medical device regulations, and healthcare industry standards.

– Security Concerns: Healthcare software often deals with sensitive patient data, making security a top priority. Ensuring that the software is secure and resilient to cyber threats requires robust security measures and constant vigilance.

– Integration with Existing Systems: Healthcare software often needs to integrate with existing systems used in healthcare facilities. Ensuring seamless integration and interoperability with Australian healthcare IT systems can be complex and requires thorough testing.

– Technical Expertise: The development team lacks technical knowledge in product development, leading to many product development issues and performance falling short of expectations.

– Inefficient Development Process: Our client is struggling with project management and operations due to a lack of experience, resulting in an ineffective development process.

Our solutions

– Providing a flexible, customizable model: An Offshore Dedicated Team collaborates with the client’s team, ensuring compliance with Australian data protection regulations and enhancing team efficiency.

– Receive customer requests for platform integration, comply with Data Protection Laws, and analyze and provide specialized solutions in the healthcare field.

– Take over the client’s project from the incumbent to optimize and continuously improve according to client needs, reducing issues and increasing product performance.

– Promote a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration within both the development and client teams to enhance development efficiency.

– Adhere to established integration standards and protocols to develop integrated software ensuring compatibility with existing systems.

– Conduct thorough testing in simulated environments to detect and resolve integration issues before deployment.

– Implement robust security measures, including data encryption, access controls, and regular security audits.

– Work closely with the client’s PM and development team to coach them on how to manage projects better and fully utilize product capabilities.

– Stay updated on the latest security threats and updates to proactively safeguard our client’s software.


– IT Strategy & Software Consulting Services

– Software Integration Services

– QA & Software Testing Services

– DevOps Services


– Healthcare

Technologies we use:

– AWS: AWS EC2, RDS, S3, AWS Secrets Manager, IAM role

– Apache: Apache HTTP Server, Apache Tomcat

– API: Java Spring Boot, Spring Security, Hibernate, JJWT

– Web: PHP, Bootstrap, ES6, HTML5, SASS, JQuery

– Mobile:

+ iOS: Swift 5

+ Android: Java 11

– Push notification:

+ iOS: Apple Push Notification Service (APNs)

+ Android: Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)

– Data Storage: RDS MySQL Encryption

Our Client’s images

Cyber - Platform Integration Solution- 1

Cyber - Platform Integration Solution - 2

Cyber - Platform Integration Solution - 3

“ITC Group is a reliable partner. Their commitment at every step of solution development impressed us. We are satisfied with their business processes, which maintain a strong level of interaction with us and provide thorough project progress reports throughout. Their solutions are also of high quality, ensuring seamless operations in our client interactions and yielding excellent outcomes.”

Dr. Qusai Hussain
Dr. Qusai Hussain

Founder and CEO


Cyber Clinic