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Data Analytics Solution for DiscoverMarket – Singapore

Table of contents

DiscoverMarket is a business that provides a range of insurance-related services, including a marketplace where individuals and businesses can compare and buy insurance policies. By providing a one-stop shop where users can easily find and compare insurance options from multiple providers, DiscoverMarket aims to simplify the insurance purchasing process. DiscoverMarket provides a variety of insurance products through their platform, including auto, home, renters, health, life, and business insurance.

Highlight results

– 100% website automation testing

– 10K+ traffic access at the same time

– 2X increase in delivery speed

Key challenges 

– Needed to develop a secure and user-friendly platform for the Insurance domain, where end users can search insurance products and compare quotes, as well as admin users can set up and manage products, customers, proposals, and so on.

– Needed to create a M.A.C.H Microservices and Micro Frontends architecture that aligned with 12-factor, where we had to guarantee data security and performance.

– Needed to set up different sub-teams to handle each business separately for different features and domains, The team members are all working remotely from different locations and time zones, which causes communication issues, delays, and coordination issues when performing tasks.

– Inadequate bandwidth for in-house engineers with full-stack skill sets to focus on developing new features and third-party integrations.

Our solutions

– ITC provided a safe approach and cost savings for the client by segmenting the project into multiple phases, from proof of concept (PoC) to minimum viable product (MVP).

– ITC provided an insurtech software that can compare different types of insurance and provide real-time reports. This helped DiscoverMarket in two ways:  Optimizing quote and buying journeys for clients and a fully managed, tailored white-label insurance platform to supply their core commercial business.

– ITC comprehends the client’s goals and ensures that the overall platform and development are in line with the client’s strategy. ITC has been a trusted partner of DiscoverMarket, working collaboratively with the management team to analyze and consult on the best approach to ensuring DiscoverMarket’s business’s long-term growth.

– Our mission is to provide highly skilled full-stack engineering teams to collaborate, contribute, provide solutions, and develop the platform that covers every stage of the development cycle, including “Architect Solution, Technical Design, Database Design, Development, Deployment and Business Analysis in the Insurance Domain, Testing, and Performance Testing”, to ensure optimal performance, security, and traceability, our team employs cutting-edge technologies and best practices.

– ITC members have excellent English communication skills and engage in regular and active communication to ensure a thorough understanding of the platform’s features and functionalities. We are flexible and adaptable to attend meetings and provide support in different time zones as needed.

Project details

Project type: Dedicated team

Services: Website development (Front-end, Back-end, DevOps), Testing & QA service, Consulting service

Industries: Insurance

Technologies: Microservices, Micro Frontends, Java, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Retry, Spring JPA, Spring Aspects, Spring Security, Angular, State Management, RxJS, TypeScript, ES6+, HTML5, CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, Redis, MongoDB/CosmosDB, ELK, Azure full-stack (Active Directory, Virtual Network, AKS, Blob Storage, CDN, App Gateway, API Management, Developer Portal, WAF, Service Bus, App Services, Cosmos DB, Clarity,…), SAST, DAST, Automation Testing (Jmeter, Postman, Katalon), CI/CD, Jenkins, GitHub Actions, Gitlab Registry, NewRelic, Git-flow,…