Productivity Management Platform (PMP) that transforms your business

We provide consultation and develop solutions to help your business manage resources, collaborate better, and handle tasks more effectively

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From managing your digital assets and resources to building intelligent reports, we've got you covered!

Digital Assets Management

We offer a strong platform for storing and distributing your business's digital assets:

  • Content Management
  • Data Management
  • Document Storage
  • Logs Management

Resources Management

We help businesses efficiently manage their resources through integrated solutions:

  • Project & Tasks Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Employees Tracking
  • Knowledge repository

Business Report

We build in-depth reports based on data collected during operations for making improvements:

  • Dashboard Visualization
  • Real-time analytics
  • Report generators
  • Predictive analytics

Collaborative Workspace

We create an online workspace for efficient employee data management and collaboration:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Communication Platform
  • Dashboard Management
  • Payroll System

Developer Workspace

We build a task management platform tailored for developers with specialized features:

  • Sprint Management
  • Bug Tracking
  • Product Roadmap & Requirements
  • Feedback Sectiona

Sales Workspace

We assist Sales team in operating efficiently with customer data management solutions:

  • Lead Management
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Customer Data Management
  • Performance Tracking
Our offerings to create a comprehensive PMP
We receive your request, then analyze the operational model and tech ecosystem to provide an effective way to improve your business environment
PMP Planning
Analyze operational processes to create a product roadmap using an existing task management platform
PMP Customization
Develop unique features based on business requirements using specialized tech stacks and expertise
PMP Integration
Assist in integrating the product into the business system, swiftly synchronizing data to avoid disrupting operations
Our Platform-based Productivity Management Platform
UpDiagram - Our solution helps businesses efficiently manage tasks, enhance security permissions, and boost collaboration within the company
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Unlock your developing potential with Integrations

We enhance the productivity of our PMP platform by incorporating a variety of integrations across multiple platforms



Software Development







Google Drive

Google Calendar

Microsoft Office



Software Development




Let’s have a look on what you gains

We provide innovational products packed with valuable features that deliver substantial benefits to businesses

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Unified workflow

Easily manage all tasks, projects, and related data through an all-in-one platform

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Accurate monitoring

Precisely track employee task progress and overall project advancement

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Save resources

Save time and effort on manual progress tracking

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Easier Project Managing

Automatically synthesize and create comprehensive reports for insights and adjustments

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Better Development

Enhance employee productivity management for improved growth

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Secure data

Built with advanced security technologies and adherence to security standards

What happy clients say

“As a Principal Investigator of several international projects with big companies such as Naval Group, French transmission system operator, I am very satisfied with the quality of works and services provided by ITC Group. They continually provide a standard of work with attention to detail of the highest quality. We are happy with our collaborations with ITC Group and highly recommend them to our partners.”

“With ITC, a trusted offshore partner, I have a cost-effective approach for complimenting my US based team members and maximizing results.”

“ITC Group is an energetic partner with high expertise. Their quick support and responses for every task and issue surprise us. Communication and reports have been well maintained to make everything transparent. We are happy with ITC services.”

“I am happy to work with ITC Group engineering team. We work as a team with high collaboration. All tasks and progress have always been well organized to maximize productivity. I highly recommend ITCGroup as one of the best offshore companies.”

“With ITC, talented software engineers and a trustworthy management team, I have been able to extend our plan and quickly transform our great ideas to a thriving scalable business.”

“ITC has successfully delivered the project more than our expectation. It helped reducing time to production and achieved our business plan. I highly recommend ITC services for any company.”

“ITC has done an incredible job delivering the project on time and developing a very impressive Data Broker Service. Kudos to the talented developers and trustworthy management team.”

“ITC is a great team of problem solvers with a great working culture. We worked as a team, not as a client and developers. We have worked with ITC to build our two strong products for FEC. They stay connected and report on a regular basis. The result and output has made us very happy.”

“ITC has been diligently working with us in building our cutting-edge insurance projection marketplace platform. As a team extension, IT's skilled engineers work well with our mutil-national teams and have shown commendable hard work and dedication to help us meet tight delivery timelines.”

“Partnering with ITC teams has transformed our approach to outsourcing. Their exceptional support has made us feel like their team is an extension of our own. Their expertise and insights have been instrumental in boosting our productivity and driving better business outcomes. With ITC, we've gained a true partner who is invested in our success and committed to delivering exceptional results.”

“Partnering with ITC has been a pleasure for several years. Their exceptional services, including consulting, advice, and support, have helped us achieve our project goals and maximize outcomes. IT stands out for their flexibility in adapting to our changing needs. We highly recommend IT for their top-notch talent, outstanding services, and unwavering commitment to our success.”

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