Streamline feedback collection process for deeper customer insights

Comprehend customer journeys, capture feedback at the right time to analyze patterns, and identify risks and opportunities are crucial to achieving your customer or employee satisfaction.

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Tools and techniques that work

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Customer experience

Collect customer feedback via pulse surveys to understand their satisfaction and fine-tune business offerings accordingly

  • Website Feedback
  • Customer Effort Score(CES)
  • Customer Satisfaction(CSAT)
  • Product Feedback
  • Transactional NPS

Employee Experience

Streamline your business process to enhance employee experience, fostering a vibrant culture and boosting productivity

  • Employee Engagement
  • Multi-rater Assessment
  • Employee Pulse Surveys
  • Management Surveys

Product Experience

Create comprehensive management program to enhance product experience through attentive customer engagement and continuous improvement

  • Marketing Research & Analysis
  • Beta-testing Product Feedback
  • Product Feedback & Satisfaction

Marketing Experience

Elevate your marketing endeavors and enhance your strategic approach by delving into the realm of optimal customer engagement

  • Market Research Surveys
  • Product-market Fit Surveys
  • Website Feedback Bots
  • Relational NPS Surveys
  • User Experience Surveys

Sales Experience

Elevate your clients' experiences to new heights through an unparalleled B2B sales journey with a flawless path from introduction to transaction

  • Pre-sales Surveys
  • Demo Feedback
  • Post-sales Engagement Surveys
  • Transactional & Relational NPS
  • Customer Pulse Surveys
Streamlined Consulting Journey: From Discovery to Expansion
A Comprehensive Overview of Our End-to-End Consulting Process for Achieving Streamlined Excellence
We analyze your current workflows, identify efficient methods, and digitize processes, all while preserving existing enterprise feedback loops
We devise an automation strategy for outlining workflows using industry-standard process modeling notations for efficient feedback
We offer a custom Enterprise Feedback Management System integrated seamlessly into your organization's software framework
We offer two post-deployment EFM enhancement options and continuous expansion for ongoing success of your operations and gradual growth
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Unlock your Enterprise Feedback potential with Integrations

We enhance the productivity of Enterprise Feedback Management platform by incorporating a variety of integrations across multiple platforms



Analytics and Report


Google Drive

Google Calendar

Microsoft Office






Analytics and Report


Power BI

Elevate Audience Engagement with Seamless Innovation

Elevate Audience Engagement with Seamless Innovation

USP Enterprise Feedback Management
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Process Alignment

Align existing feedback processes with EFM capabilities, such as survey settings, feedback categorization, and automated response setup.

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Customization and Configuration

Offer expert guidance to tailor the EFM solution that covers survey templates, feedback categorization, and automated responses.

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Continuous Improvement Strategies

We provide survey questions, adapt feedback collection methods, and refine response strategies to enhance your continuous feedback management processes.

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Adapting to Emerging Trends

We offer guidance on adapting the solution to capitalize on emerging opportunities and challenges with the latest trends in EFM, customer experience, and technology

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