Truebet - The easiest way to bet with your friends
It is an application that allows players to create groups and conduct betting with each other. The group owner can invite friends to the group, whereas in contrast, the player can join the group through the group name and password set by the group owner. The application allows players to propose bet for players in the group. The members have right to accept bets based on 3 forms of betting with the ratio of MoneyLine, Over / Under, Points Spread. Players can track and receive notifications when the game is in progress and the results of winning / losing of that betting.


Technologies/Concepts used

PostgreSQL, Redis, C#, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core Web API, HAProxy, Angular, Nativescript, Git, TypeScript, SASS, Website Development, Software Development, Mobile Development, Testing & QA, Maintenance & Support, Retail & eCommerce, Financing.

Project Type

B2B, Web application, Mobile application

Key Challenges

We needed to sync a large amount of data from external providers, some almost in real-time

Business involving processing data many times a day based on timings and external sources

The project is very agile with new requirements and features coming frequently

Our solutions

We apply background jobs for the project extensively, fully logged, retriable and extensible.

We committed to Scrum framework with short iterations, continuous integration and delivery and working with the client very closely

Web/Mobile application features