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  • Apr 05 2024

DTC Furniture Brands Solutions

Table of contents

We implement a complete e-commerce store for our Asian clients – DTC Furniture Brands to sell their product directly from their manufacturing. They want to streamline online selling processes, deliver personalized customer experiences, and manage their inventory, and shipment simultaneously.

Project Result

  • Online sales volume increased by 20%
  • Cost of operation reduced by 35%
  • Customer retention increased by 40%

Project Challenges

With the vision to scale and transform the business, they were facing the following challenges:

  • Manage a large number of product listings with diverse categories and variants.
  • Lack of sales performance and progress achieved tracking
  • Lack of streamlined sell process with automated synchronization of inventory, payment & shipment tracking.

Project: DTC Furniture Brands Solutions

To address these challenges, we implemented the following solutions for DTC Furniture Brand:

  • Implemented an online store that fit our client requirements using SFRA with full function from import product listing in bulk, wishlist, check out, mobile shopping optimal experiences, etc.
  • Integrate with payment gateway, shipment, order & inventory synchronization.
  • Offered real-time Sales Performance Dashboard, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and respond swiftly to market changes.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and personalized customer experiences by using 360-degree Customer View