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  • Apr 03 2024

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud to boost efficiency

Table of contents

Our client, a prominent financial services company, specializes in various types of loans within the US market. They provide adaptable, short-term loan solutions that facilitate inventory purchases, order fulfillment, and cash flow optimization. With a customer-centric approach, the company aims to passionately serve its customers with cutting-edge financial products. Right now, they are facing challenges in making this goal succeed, ITC Group delivers Salesforce Financial Services Cloud to tackle all these issues.

Project Result

  • Customer engagement increased by 85%
  • The sales agent’s efficiency increased by 75%
  • Lead conversion increased by 70%
  • Data security increased by 100%

Project Challenges

Our clients faced several challenges:

  • Limited customer insights: They had difficulty in maintaining strong connections with their customers and retaining them within the business as their existing systems lacked insights and a unified view of customer preferences and priorities.
  • Data silos: The existing systems were disparate and they were not able to manage the data related to their customers. Their sales and service teams had to put up lots of effort to find and assemble the information.
  • Client engagement: Our client needed a comprehensive solution that could enhance customer engagement through automated workflows and optimal customer experience.
  • Data security issue: Data plays a crucial and essential role within financial services companies. Our client is required to implement robust measures to build trust with customers and safeguard their confidential information against cyber threats.

Project Solutions

To address these challenges, we implemented Salesforce Financial Services Cloud for our client:

  • Unified customer view: We used Salesforce Financial Services Cloud to create a 360-degree view of each customer. By consolidating data from various channels, including banking, investments, and insurance, the platform provided a single source of truth for customer information. This comprehensive view empowered employees to deliver more personalized and targeted services.
  • AI-Powered insights: We supported our clients to gain valuable insights into customer behaviors and preferences and anticipate customer needs to keep customer retention in their business and easily communicate with their customers.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Our experts built a seamless collaboration among different departments within their system, enabling real-time communication, fostering better teamwork, and enabling employees to share insights and updates on customer interactions.
  • Engagement Dashboards: We centralized our clients’ view of various opportunities to connect with clients through engagement dashboard features, including key details such as optimal timing, reasons for outreach, and other essential information.
  • Secured Data: Our team provided a range of security measures, enabling them to oversee data access and usage effectively. Whether through event monitoring, field audit trail, or platform encryption, it guarantees the confidentiality of both our client’s data and their customers’ information.