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  • Jun 10 2024

Website Replatform Solutions for GiveTour – VN

Table of contents

We offer Website Replatform Solutions to modernize outdated websites and web applications with improved UI/UX of GiveTour – a Tournament Management Tool. Our service ensures seamless data migration, preserving customer information while enhancing scalability. Ideal for managing large-scale sports tournaments, our solutions simplify and streamline tournament management.

Project Result

  • The new system has been tested and is capable of responding to all performance tests
  • Security tests on the system passed the required baseline.

Project Challenges

With the vision to scale and transform the business, they were facing the following challenges:

  • The old website is slow and frequently has problems.
  • Our client cannot monitor accurately and it is hard to scale up.

Project: DTC Furniture Brands Solutions

To address these challenges, we implemented the following solutions for Tournament Management Brands:

  • Move the application to a new AWS account.
  • Architect the application to have autoscaling and managed database with AWS EC2, AWS Autoscaling Group, AWS Load Balancer, AWS RDS
  • Apply to monitor for the application with CloudWatch
  • Save cost using AWS Reserved Instances for EC2 and RDS