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Digital Right Management Solution for Altavod – USA

Table of contents

Altavod is a streaming platform that allows filmmakers to distribute and monetize their independent films through online streaming. It also offers a marketplace for viewers to discover and purchase independent films directly from the filmmakers. Altavod aims to provide a more sustainable and profitable distribution model for independent filmmakers.

Project Results

80% Automation Coverage

30% Cost savings

50K+ Daily active paid users on the platform

Key challenges 

– Needed to develop a secure, high-performance, and user-friendly platform, where end users could search for, buy, and rent movies, as well as filmmakers could release their films.

– Needed to provide skilled members to join the existing team to develop new features, as well as migrate the existing microservices to use new tech stacks.

– Needed to develop Over-the-Top (OTT) Apps for multiple platforms. It’s a lengthy list that includes MacOS, Windows, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku.

– All team members are working remotely from different locations and time zones,  which causes communication issues, delays, and coordination issues when performing tasks.

Our solutions

– ITC comprehends the client’s goals and ensures that the overall platform and development are in line with the client’s strategy. ITC has been a trusted partner of Altavod, working collaboratively with Altavod’s CTO to analyze and define the best approach to ensuring the client’s business’s long-term growth.

– Our mission is to provide highly skilled full-stack engineers (Web, Mobile, BE) to collaborate, contribute, provide solutions, and develop a platform that covers every stage of the development cycle to ensure optimal performance, security, and traceability, our team employs cutting-edge technologies and best practices.

– ITC offers a comprehensive digital testing solution that includes automation, cyber security, and performance testing. This solution ensures seamless integration of all the components within the Altavod platform, provides full visibility into UI and API performance, and safeguards the platform against potential cyber-attacks.

– To create OTT Apps, we use a Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution that employs codes that prohibit content copying, only allowing anyone having the decryption key to access and view it.

– ITC members have excellent English communication skills and engage in regular and active communication to ensure a thorough understanding of the platform’s features and functionalities. We are flexible and adaptable to discuss and provide support as needed.

Project Details

Project type: Dedicated team

Services: Testing & QA service, Maintenance service, Website development, Over-The-Top apps development

Industries: Entertainment/Streaming service

Technologies: Microservices, Golang, Scala, NodeJS, Angular, NextJS, TypeScript, RxJS, Swift, Kotlin, DRM, Brightscript, Kafka, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, GitOps, Argo CI/CD, Istio