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A Mobile Agent App Development Solution For IZIon24 – Vietnam

Table of contents

IZIon24 Agent is a user-friendly platform for insurance agents, offering a wide range of insurance products and services, with tools for managing customers, leads, and sales data. The platform also streamlines sales processes with features like document management and electronic signatures, enabling agents to sell more efficiently and improve customer service.

Highlight results

– 33% development cost savings

– 2X enhanced agent performance

– 3 months launching to market

Key challenges 

– Needed a platform to aid sales agents in creating personalized insurance packages, while also assisting clients in quickly understanding their insurance policies and contracts to easily make purchase decisions through demonstration in-app.

– Needed to develop a sophisticated system that can manage the quality and effectiveness of each individual salesperson and can track the performance of the sales team.

– Needed to develop a well-defined data migration system for extracting, transforming, and loading the data, as well as measures for verifying its integrity and ensuring a smooth transition between platforms.

– Lack of bandwidth for in-house engineers with full-stack skill sets to focus on integrations with many different 3rd parties.

– Lack of resources to handle a wide range of features and functionalities to focus on deploying new features quickly and cost-effectively.

Our solutions

– ITC offered an easy, fast, and automatic platform that supports sales to create personalized insurance packages immediately and supports their clients in tracking the online contract approval process and managing the insurance policies.

– ITC have worked closely with IZIon24 Agent’s management team to comprehend their needs and objectives. Then we provide insightful analysis and consulting that help them identify the best approach that is cost-saving for their business. 

– We provided a full end-to-end solution development including UI/UX design, technical & architect design, development, performance & security & end-to-end testing, DevOps, and maintenance service to save cost and effort for our client. 

– ITC applied an Agile process and a best technologies approach to both the mobile and web platforms, using an early production approach with a split multi-stage release strategy to bring the product to market.

– ITC launched mobile and web platforms through early production & multi-stage releases by using Agile and best-in-class tech.

– ITC also provided a system that monitors performance, integrates over 10 different systems, provides performance forecasting, and seamlessly migrates data.

– ITC provides highly skilled engineers who possess the expertise to handle various projects, ranging from website to app development. We ensure fast and cost-saving deployment of new features to meet the unique needs and requirements of our clients.

Project details

Project type: Dedicated team

Services: Team Extension, Software development, Testing & QA service, Consulting service, DevOps service, Maintenance service

Industries: Insurtech

Technologies: React, React Native, Redux, Redux Thunk, Java, TypeScript, Spring Boot, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, AWS, Docker, SOAP API

IZIon24 Agent App

IZIon24 Agent App