Loyalty solution

Key Features for Better Loyalty Programs

  • Onsite Action Tracking
  • Customizable Rewards
  • Native Referral Marketing
  • Integrated Social Actions
  • Integrated Online Checkout Redemption
  • Integrated Coupon System
  • Advanced Promotional Engine
  • Comprehensive A/B Testing
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Customer Loyalty Software Built for Any Situation


Tracking customers' purchases and they can earn and redeem loyalty points whether they’re using the app, website, social media, or engaging in-store.


We bring expertise to provide loyalty marketing strategies into your current ecosystem and processes.


Generate features to collect loyalty points, vouchers or rewards based on your business goals & live events and upgrade/downgrade automatically.

Banking and Insurance

Optimize your engagement by accessing powerful insights into consumer behavior and preferences to strategize the right action in maintaining the relationship.


The CPG program will support the CRM activities including data gathering, Value Proposition And Rewards to reach Customer Engagement and increase brand awareness.

Telecom and Utilities

We provide telecommunication & utility solutions to incentivize behaviors like product reviews, store check-ins, social shares and more.

Benefits of our IT Outsourcing and Consulting service

We are proud of providing the most professional IT strategy and Consulting service with all standards during our working progress

Inspired and creative teams

Understand and protect your IP

Consecutive Innovation and Development

Trustworthiness & Reputation

Collaboration & Partnership

Reasonable & Negotiable expenses

Cooperation Development

Confidentiality Agreement

Guarantee security and Quality

Goal-oriented approach

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