Software Testing & Quality Analysis

We also offer software and quality testing to identify and fix all bugs and issues. Enhancement, App compatibility, Performance and Security are also our services.

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Overcome your challenges is our motivation

As an experienced engineering team, we can comprehend clients' issues and challenges and then, we are here to help you address the problems and overcome your current challenges.

Your Concerns
  • - Risk in security attack.
  • - Timeframe estimation and Due date.
  • - Limited Budget for staff, technology and maintenance cost
  • - Facing Repetitive problems over time
  • - Up-to-date Technology to manage Big data
Our Action

  • - Support manual and automated testing service
  • - Reactive Support and Maintenance
  • - Providing experienced teams for assessment and testing
  • - QA audit and process evaluation
  • - Consulting service & products and other expenses

Our Testing & QA Services

As our core value and mission, we want to provide clients with the service of testing and QA to minimize the bugs and issues. The free of issues experience is the challenge, but the motivation that we have always desired to overcome.

Independent QA

To have the evaluation on product compliance, we provide our testing service and software solutions to clients.

  • Test Strategy & Planning
  • Automated & manual test plans
  • Test tool & framework management
Integrated Testing

We have always proceeded the integrated testing to guarantee that all process works correctly before the product is released.

  • Interpretation of test metric
  • Interpretation of the test process
  • Testing report & analysis
QA Consulting

We provide the facts from the real case analysis of the project requirement and development experience to give you the best recommendations that meet the request and anticipation.

  • QA strategy development
  • Technical documentation consulting
  • Project QA & process of audit
Full-Cycle Testing

We provide automated and manual testing service for full-cycle development.

  • Integration testing & regression testing
  • Black/white box testing, environment testing
  • Performance testing & quality assurance
Mid-Life Testing

We can assist you to test and detect the project bugs and issues at the mid-life cycle stage with an experienced team.

  • Test tool & framework management
  • Black/white box testing, environment testing
  • Performance testing & quality assurance
Custom Testing

We can support you to do testing for various applications and software to guarantee the product standard.

  • Localization and Internationalization testing
  • User interface and usability testing
  • Products integration testing

Our QA And Testing Approach

We have always applied the latest trend and the most effective approach to minimize time, effort and risks. In addition, we can optimize the testing process by the given graphic indicating the steps we can track, assess and manage in time.

Tools and Technologies

Our tools and technologies which are the latest and high quality are utilized by our dedicated teams to ensure the experience of bugs and issues-free.

Selenium WebDriver
SmartBear TestComplete
HP QuickTest Professional
Silk Test
HP LoadRunner
Apache JMeter
Silk Performer
Atlassian Confluence
Atlassian JIRA
Atlassian Bamboo

Our Testing & QA Service Process

1Collect client needs and requirements

Our professionals will collect and analyze client requests before consulting the best recommendation.

2Estimation and Suggestion

After analyzing, we offer options and suggestions. We also estimate the time frame and cost of development.

3Proceeding project

We will delegate the project to a specific team Based on the project's particularity once we get the final decision

Benefits of our IT Outsourcing and Consulting service

We are proud of providing the most professional IT strategy and Consulting service with all standards during our working progress

Inspired and creative teams

Understand and protect your IP

Consecutive Innovation and Development

Trustworthiness & Reputation

Collaboration & Partnership

Reasonable & Negotiable expenses

Cooperation Development

Confidentiality Agreement

Guarantee security and Quality

Goal-oriented approach

Agile and DevOps Enablement

Transparency and Integrity