IT Strategy & Software Consulting

With the experienced team, we have provided the advanced technologies and tools of analysis to help exploit, analyze and estimate the possibilities of the projects. Besides the main target objectives of the project, our IT consulting mission is also to support clients to straighten out the challenges of technology and finance concerns.

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Overcome your challenges is our motivation

As an experienced engineering team, we can comprehend clients' issues and challenges and then, we are here to help you address the problems and overcome your current challenges.

Your Concerns
  • An uncertain level of uncertainty.
  • Resistant to change.
  • Unidentified your strength.
  • Lack of Opportunity and threat analysis.
  • Level of Disorder in systems.
Our Action

  • Analyze and estimate product & strategy response.
  • Innovation and growth in both technologies and solutions.
  • Identify competitive advantage.
  • Business and Market assessment.
  • Experience team with well-organized skills.

Our IT Strategy And Consulting Services

We have offered the IT strategy and software solution with the best advice in all industries verticals to accomplish the goal with the least possible technical and financial risk, regardless of small or large scale businesses.

Business Process Analysis

We analyze all the aspects of your business before consulting the strategy and solution.

  • Assess current business process.
  • Assign maturity ratings of apps.
  • Generate process analysis reports.
Security Consulting

Our teams will consult you to identify and method tackle your IT issues during the development process.

  • Wireless network analysis & assessment.
  • Existing application security consulting.
  • Project security analysis and consulting.
Audits & Assessments

The audit and assessment will be the essential component to eliminate the potential add-on causing unexpected expenses.

  • Pre-support audits and assessment.
  • Infrastructure audits and assessment.
  • Current system audits and assessment.
Technology Consulting

Our teams provide you with the best advice to define the most appropriate option and the contemporary technology consulting service for your project.

  • Current application analysis and scaling.
  • Help and develop technology goals.
  • Forecasting App’s longevity.
Forecasting App Longevity

We use the Cybercrime management lifecycle to support your enterprises and help estimate and analyze the App’s longevity.

  • Investigation of Digital Frauds and Cyber Crimes.
  • ‘Incident’ identification and response.
  • Log analysis and interpretation.
Risk Management

We have never ignored the monitoring process to ensure that the quality of our service and your product success are away from the potential risks.

  • IT risks – assessment, management & controls.
  • Information security risk management.
  • Data loss prevention & security awareness.

Our IT Strategy & Consulting Process

Transparency during our working process is evidence of our responsibility and profession


Specialize service and strategy that is suitable for Biz scale.

Analyze and research the market.
Plan the technology roadmap to facilitate decision-making.
Provide ad-hoc training to accomplish the goal.

Extend and innovate the Business system.

Estimate and analyze the market change and complexity.
Determine the distinctive business capabilities.
Recommend situations for an extension by Growth points.

Apply the engagement model for different stages of business.

Flexible long-term & short-term partnerships.
Consecutive innovation for the biz proliferation.
Up-to-date technology to maximize the facilities.

Assisting Customers Across Diverse Initiatives

  • Application Development

    We provide the strategies of technology that meets security & usability requests.

  • Digital Transformation

    We offer and improve the digital capability of process automation digitization and business integration.

  • Cloud Computing

    We have an experienced team to assist you with the best performance with our contemporary technologies and practical knowledge

  • Channel Extension

    There is no limitation on your channel extension by our up-to-date technologies.

  • Cost Optimization

    We have maintenance service to assist enhance the project productivity and decline the cost.

  • DevOps Enablement

    We partner with clients to enable Agile transformation through the automation of key processes in development, virtualization, integration, delivery, and so on.

  • Development Re-Engineering

    Visualize and optimize the development productivity through agile practices.

  • Facilities Upgrade

    Upgrade the facilities to fortify software development and decline the total cost.

  • Quality & Security

    We have provided high-quality service and products and the security is also our number one priority.

Benefits of our IT Outsourcing and Consulting service

We are proud of providing the most professional IT strategy and Consulting service with all standards during our working progress

Inspired and creative teams

Understand and protect your IP

Consecutive Innovation and Development

Trustworthiness & Reputation

Collaboration & Partnership

Reasonable & Negotiable expenses

Cooperation Development

Confidentiality Agreement

Guarantee security and Quality

Goal-oriented approach

Agile and DevOps Enablement

Transparency and Integrity