Empire SUITE Saves Their Work with Full-stack Engineer Teams
Empire SUITE is a project and business process management software platform that is designed to assist all-size businesses automate and streamline their workflows in a variety of industries. It is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making it a popular choice for businesses with remote or distributed teams.

Key challenges 

Needed to deal with a large amount of data-driven when using unsupported stored procedures in Power BI and exacerbated by Microsoft Graph throttling. 

Needed to design an official report formatting to create clear and visually appealing reports.

Lack of bandwidth for in-house engineers with full-stack skill sets to focus on integrations with 3rd-party.

Our solutions

ITC offered straightforward tools that allow clients to have direct access to data without heavy analysis training to get actionable BI insights and accurate reports. These tools include self-service reporting tools that allow users to make queries, create reports, and visualizations.

ITC designed the database in a way that is optimized for data retrieval and processing and is compatible with the tools and features of Power BI. Creating background jobs and a queue can help manage data processing and reduce the risk of overload or system failure. By using these tools, WSG can gain valuable insights from their data quickly and easily.

ITC’s  engineers possess vast expertise and abilities to connect with different third-party systems that can map the data among their many third-party platforms with their system. The team utilizes advanced technologies and follows the best procedures to guarantee the most favorable performance and security of the system.

Members of the ITC possess exceptional English communication skills and regularly participate in active communication to ensure a comprehensive grasp of the platform's features and functionalities. We remain adaptable and flexible to attend meetings and offer assistance in various time zones as required.


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