TrueBet doubles its product release speed with ITC Group
TrueBet is an application that allows players to create groups and conduct betting with each other. The group owner can invite friends to the group, whereas in contrast, the player can join the group through the group name and password set by the group owner. Players can track and receive notifications when the game is in progress and the results of winning / losing of that betting.

Key challenges 

Needed to synchronize and process large amounts of sports data from external providers several times a day, and there is some data that require real-time synchronization.

Lack of engineers with the full-set skills, flexibility to respond to complex product requirements, and the ability to deploy new features on a regular basis.

Needed optimized solution to resolve the numerous complex game rules involved in golf and calculate payments accurately.

Our solutions

ITC made extensive use of background jobs that are fully logged, retriable, and extensible. This approach allowed us to process large amounts of data in a more efficient manner while ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the system.

ITC has committed to the Scrum framework, which emphasizes short iterations, continuous integration, and delivery. This allowed us to work closely with the client, make necessary adjustments and ensure to meet their needs throughout the project's lifecycle.

ITC provided a development team that possesses a broad range of skills and expertise in full-stack development saves clients both time and money.


Mr. Taylor

With ITC, talented software engineers and a trustworthy management team, I have been able to extend our plan and quickly transform our great ideas to a thriving scalable business

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