IZIon 24 - An Insurtech Platform by ITC Group
IZIon 24 is an innovative insurtech start-up that disrupts the traditional insurance market to reinvent the ways people perceive insurance, and makes it affordable and available to everyone, especially the young and energetic generation.

Key challenges 

Needed full-stack engineers to build a core insurance system that can adapt to the demand of a massive insurance market.

Needed to integrate with many insurance companies both life and non-life, as well as different payment gateways such as Momo, SmartPay, Bankcard, and Payoo, along with third-party integrations with CleverTap, and OCR technology.

Needed to build the transparent and the simplest UI/UX on mobile for the sale of insurance products and plans.

Our solutions

ITC comprehends the client's goals and ensures that the overall responsive web design, platform, and development are in line with them. We provided innovative Big Data and Cloud Computing solutions for a highly scalable B2C system with AI technology for a million users. It consists of the core platform, front-end web, and mobile applications.

ITC provided a dedicated and full-stack engineering team that helped to build the platform from the beginning as an end-to-end solution, including System Architecture, Database Design, Solution Integration, Deployment, Functional Development, Testing Services, API Testing, and BA.

ITC also offered a comprehensive loyalty solution that helped target customers more precisely using Al-assisted micro- segmentation and allowed IZIon24 fine-grained control over how customers interact with their loyalty program. From that, they can promote customer retention, which is crucial for success in the highly competitive insurtech industry.


Mr. Amit Suri
Chief Digital Officer

Partnering with ITC teams has transformed our approach to outsourcing. Their exceptional support has made us feel like their team is an extension of our own. Their expertise and insights have been instrumental in boosting our productivity and driving better business outcomes. With ITC, we've gained a true partner who is invested in our success and committed to delivering exceptional results.

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