GiveTour in Cost Savings with Software Development Teams
GiveTour - a start-up that assists sport league communities create and manage their own tournaments, regardless of their size or scale. With GiveTour, leagues with thousands of competitors can be easily organized and managed. Additionally, GiveTour offers a wide variety of sports and league types, making it a versatile solution for any sports league community.

Key challenges 

Needed to develop a sophisticated system that can organize and  manage various tournaments and forms of competition with complex sport rules.

Lack of resources to operate and maintain such a system smoothly that can keep up with the evolving needs of their users and the constantly changing landscape of the sports industry.

Lack of full-stack engineers that can handle a wide range of features and functionalities to focus on deploying new features quickly and cost-effectively.

Our solutions

ITC have worked closely with GiveTour’s management team to comprehensively comprehend their needs and objectives to provide insightful analysis and consulting that help them identify the best approach that is cost-saving for their business. 

ITC provided highly skilled engineers who possess the expertise to handle various projects, ranging from website to app development, who ensure fast and cost-saving deployment of new features to meet the unique needs and requirements of our clients.


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