Geronimo Extends Their Platform With Modernization Technologies
Geronimo has developed several unique platforms that help businesses easily connect with non-profit organizations. Geronimo's platforms are designed to help businesses in various industries, such as golf, vacation rentals, cruise lines, restaurants, and retailers, to promote their unique experiences through the reach of non-profit organizations.

Key challenges 

Needed to deal with a legacy system that has been in use for over a decade employs a variety of technologies, ranging from very old to modern ones.

Needed to handle complex and flexible rules when searching certificates data from more than 100 tables that link together.

Lack of resources to query for a large amount of data to make reports due to their complexity.

Lack of in-house engineers with full-stack skill sets to focus on developing new features and integrations with 3rd parties such as email marketing, CRM, Mobile bidding.

Our solutions

ITC provided engineers have a wide range of suitable skills and knowledge on many different technologies to maintain and enhance this system.

ITC applied technology to improve the searching feature and many design patterns to make the source code flexible, easy to maintain and extend.

Our engineers equipped a deep knowledge of entity framework and Microsoft SQL to optimize every single database query to get the best performance.

ITC members have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. Collaboration and proactive support for each other to achieve success.


Mr. Mike Last
Founder and CEO
Geronimo | Travel Pledge

With ITC, a trusted offshore partner, I have a cost-effective approach for complimenting my US based team members and maximizing results.

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