ForecastRx in Cost Savings with Software Development Service
ForecastRx uses multiple proven forecasting algorithms to analyze your sales history, identify trends, and recognize seasonality to predict future sales demand. This helps you optimize inventory management and avoid lost sales, while improving stock order performance with actionable reorder quantities. ForecastRx precisely projects each product's future demand by importing each product's historic sales data combined with real-world logistical parameters.

Key challenges 

Lack of in-house engineers with a solid understanding of web development, databases, server-side scripting, and front-end technologies to focus on integrating with large-scale platforms (Amazon, QuickBooks, …) quickly, and save time.

Needed to handle the complex data structures to overcome an ever-increasing amount of data efficiently and effectively and use advanced analytical techniques to perform the forecasting algorithms.

Needed to build a user-friendly platform with the transparent and the simplest UI to provide enough information to users without overwhelming them with unnecessary details.

Our solutions

ITC offered the "batching processing" technique with the significant dataset from many external resources (Amazon, QuickBooks, CSV) to transform/process data sequentially and save network bandwidth while also keeping the data consistent.

ITC also provided a development process that pre-processes the necessary database functions/procedures by collecting a large amount of sales history, identifying trends, and recognizing seasonality and holidays in order to execute the multiple proven forecasting algorithms in near real-time.


Mr. Ryan Carbone
Director, Support and Product Implementation

Partnering with ITC has been a pleasure for several years. Their exceptional services, including consulting, advice, and support, have helped us achieve our project goals and maximize outcomes. ITC stands out for their flexibility in adapting to our changing needs. We highly recommend ITC for their top-notch talent, outstanding services, and unwavering commitment to our success.

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