FE Increases their $NAP with Mobile App Development Teams
$NAP is a digital lending platform from FE Credit, a top consumer finance company in Vietnam. The platform allows customers to apply for loans, and credit cards online and receive an approval within minutes, plus tools like online payments, credit score tracking, and budgeting.

Key challenges 

Needed to optimize the onboarding process, which was too lengthy and time-consuming for our customers, resulting in a lower retention rate. 

Lack of resources to deal with a consistent end-to-end lending process. 

Needed to improve credit history scoring and risk assessment process to provide a better customer experience.

Our solutions

ITC provided clients with the best experiences and satisfaction in outsourcing their IT needs. $NAP can maintain consistent quality of services due to the high level of responsibility and ownership of ITC talent teams and experts.

ITC offered a comprehensive, integrated, customizable, cutting-edge and designed lending solution to manage the complete loan life cycle allowing clients to make more informed and accurate lending decisions. 

ITC provided OCR (Optical Character Recognition) service to recognize and analyze the text in image files. This helps $NAP quickly and safely verify their new users.

ITC provided engineering teams that have knowledge and skills in the field of finance and use advanced technology and expertise to optimize the onboarding process and build a consistent lending process.


Mr. Tung
Unit Head of Digital Lending Application Support
FE Credit

ITC is a great team of problem solvers with a great working culture. We worked as a team, not as a client and developers. We have worked with ITC to build our two strong products for FEC. They stay connected and report on a regular basis. The result and output has made us very happy

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