ACB Banks on BlueRewards with End-to-end Solution Development
One of the biggest private banks in Asia has decided to introduce a new omnichannel loyalty program to strengthen the bond with their customers. The bank decided to develop and implement a dedicated loyalty application named BlueRewards, which assists in boosting customer engagement and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Key challenges 

Needed to find a loyalty solution that would be flexible in terms of customizations and easily scalable to meet the unique needs and preferences of your customers.

Needed to handle security requirements for the loyalty system to protect customer data such as personal information and financial data.

Lack of resources to handle massive volumes of sensitive customer data streams in real time.

Our solutions

ITC provided a full end-to-end solution development including UI/UX design, technical & architect design, development, performance & security & end-to-end testing, DevOps and maintenance service. 

ITC offered a modern loyalty solution that used a cloud-based IT system. This helped ACB create and maintain positive relationships with customers, as well as gather information on customer behavior to create offers that match their interests and needs.

ITC developed a highly scalable B2C loyalty system with high security for more than 13 million users to server million transactions per day. It includes front-end web and mobile applications, Loyalty web admin applications and a CMS system.


Ms. Phuong Huynh
Head of Customer Service
ACB Customer Loyalty Program Software

ITC has successfully delivered the project more than our expectation. It helped reducing time to production and achieved our business plan. I highly recommend ITC services for any company

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