Alo Analytics Reduces Their Obstacles by Platform Modernization
Alo Analytics offers comprehensive business development, customization, and integration secure bot analytics solution that meets strict security policies, processes, and unique requirements. Alo Analytics is highly versatile and compatible with a range of cutting-edge chatbot frameworks. Additionally, it can be hosted on both on-premise and cloud servers, providing flexibility and convenience for clients.

Key challenges 

Needed to handle a mass of incoming/outgoing messages from the Facebook channel of clients, and ensure that it did not miss any incoming/outgoing message and the conversation should work smoothly.

Lack of effective solutions to collect and analyze the huge amount of chat data and display the report on the dashboard page correctly.

Our solutions

ITC delivered a customer engagement solution that helps customers easily to find the right answers instantly and advances customer service. Besides, the solution also saved much effort and money for the client business and contributed to the successful digital transformation strategy.

ITC’s secured solutions included an AI-powered self-service chatbot with various ready-to-use templates, an agent back-office & analytics application, and a live chat system which are effectively integrated with existing systems inside of the client environment and operation services such as sales, call center, claims, and IT support.


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