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Benefits of Google Cloud Platform for Businesses

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Benefits of Google Cloud Platform for Businesses




Table of contents

Why should businesses choose the Google Cloud Platform?

Most people who know and understand the value of Cloud computing will hear about another competitor in this field, Google Cloud Platform. Compared with the two leading Cloud computing in the same industry, GCP is published later. However, GCP gains a considerable position in the market.

GCP is the Cloud computing platform that permits startups and enterprises to operate and build their software without strongly depending on the on-premise server rooms and physical infrastructure maintenance. Even though GCP is not the pioneer in the industry, they have well learned and prepared for their service so that they can catch up with the trend and market desire. Storage & Database, Networking, Big Data, IoTs, AI, Data Transfer, and so on are available to satisfy their current and potential users. As a convenient service, GCP has persuaded users to pay attention to managing and building their products instead of wasting time on maintenance and other relevant issues.

Google Cloud computing platform

Currently, GCP provides more than 60 services to compete with other competitors. We do not discuss details about every single service, because each one has its explanation and most businesses understand the benefits of Google Cloud Platform. Enterprises can be active to contact for support via Google Center. Instead, let’s take a look at the benefits when you use GCP.

Why Google Cloud?

1. Attractive Cost

This is considered as one of the benefits of Google Cloud Platform to make users change their decision to use Cloud computing. When applying GCP, businesses and organizations can save a large number of budget for Hardware, Physical infrastructure, and IT resources. With the Committed Use Discounts, every host can save up to 57% cost for 1-3 years using commitment. This campaign is available for every host server of Google Cloud.

2. Productivity

Thanks to the virtual storage solution, Enterprises can operate and manage their software anywhere without concerns about delayed connection and overloading. Today, the speed for processing data is very fast due to the development and desire of the market. Also, the global data center is well secured and enhanced consecutively to accelerate the speed of data process and data transfer and bring the business in the long run.

3. Trustworthiness

Google is a global and popular brand for most people. Furthermore, their host servers and infrastructures allocate more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Therefore, there is no distance barrier for businesses and startups to manage their software wherever they are. At the same time, the backup for natural disasters is solved so that businesses can operate consecutively while saving their budget.

4. Security

Google applies terms of service and policy, technologies, and solutions to maintain and stabilize the security of the system. Their automation supports updating advanced solutions and notifies any potential risks to satisfy users’ experience and satisfaction. This is one of the most important benefits of Google Cloud Platform that users are protected.

Every cloud service provider has forward to providing proficient services to reach more users. However, It is very difficult for businesses to decide which Cloud Service providers they should choose. Hence, there will be another article in ITC Group’s Blog to compare the top three Cloud service providers so that businesses can see what their competitive advantages are and which ones they should choose in the long run.