Our Client-Centric Engagement Models

Trusted partnership is a key ingredient to our success. We don’t work as an order taker or just write code. We provide strong context-based engagement models and work closely with your team to understand the need and share best practices.

01Proof of Concept

Progress, timeline, and cost have been more able to control by this model in order to identify potential issues, test solutions, and learn from feedback via a pilot project in a short period of time before a full project.

Choose this model if:

- Identify potential technical and logical issues.

- Need more tests and feedback from internal or external stakeholders.

- Reduce risk and get more evidence for full project approval.

The approach we adopt:

- Identify clear criteria for success.

- Identify a proposal on how to move forward should the PoC prove to be successful.

- Ready for any discussion and change about project requirements.

- Cost and timeline are estimated for the work done.

02Fixed Price

This model is best suitable for projects with well-defined scope and Software Requirement Specification that outlines specific requirements, schedules, and project path.

Choose this model if:

- Clear requirements and scope of the project.

- Constraints on approved budget and timeline.

- User Acceptance Testing (UAT) team to verify and confirm the working software.

The approach we adopt:

- Ready for discussion to reach the official requirements.

- Mutual agreement for a fixed time, and cost.

- Progress reports and client approval.

03Dedicated Team

This model is a suitable model for projects with dynamic requirements, where the Scope, Specification, and Implementation plans are not specific at the initial stage of development. This model is preferably used for long-term projects that are prone to design changes midstream due to changing market trends or other reasons.

Choose this model if:

- Don’t have a fixed scope.

- Don’t have clear software specification requirements.

- Organize a long-term project expected a lot of changes.

- Security and confidential information guarantee.

- Complicated communication and exchange.

The approach we adopt:

- Provide mandatory information about our team.

- Collect, analyze, and clarify clients' requirements.

- Provide a rough estimate of the project.

- Work on the committed time frame.

- Ensure the quality and security requests.

Reason for choosing our service

Regardless of how large your entrepreneurs and startups are, ITC Group is consistent with our mission to bring success and satisfaction to clients for every single project. We also do not hesitate to learn, communicate and collaborate with clients during the work to strictly identify goals, understand requirements and bring the best experience for every client.

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