About us

ITC Group, a software development firm, contributes our best effort to your business success through Innovative solutions, modern Technologies, and mature process Consulting.

ITC Group provides services across the software development lifecycle via trusted partnerships with clients from start-ups to large technology companies. We are a leading provider of offshore product development, software testing, and consulting services.

Our objectives are collaboratively building success stories for our clients and establishing a creative working environment for ITCers.

Our values

Our core value is to create an environment and a working culture that forwards to Innovation and Growth of technology and organization respectively to make sure efficiency and customer satisfaction. For long-term success, ITC Group, your trustworthy Partner, refuses to ignore any chance in order to bring value for clients and us in return by the Collaboration.


Innovation is a mandatory element to guarantee all up-to-date technology, performance, and methodology.


Our priority is to ensure client success in order to build a substantial relationship and enlarge our reputation.


We do not allow the business level to be at a standstill whilst we could enhance ourselves and intensify our competitiveness through the strategies and tactics that commit to target customers’ goals.


We are willing to collaborate with your team to comprehend your business system, process, and mutual goals.

Our mission.

Regardless of how large your Enterprises and Start-Ups are, ITC Group is consistent with our mission to bring success and satisfaction to clients for every single project. We also do not hesitate to learn, communicate and collaborate during the work.

Process 01

We will collect and analyze the requirements from the business to deliver the overall estimation.

Process 02

After analyzing the timeframe and the project scope, we will plan and generate the strategy based on project details to optimize the final outcome.

Process 03

Before proceeding to design, we will sketch out the wireframe to meet the client's visual appeal.

Process 04

Next, our team will design the ideal and responsive products that fix all devices.

Process 05

When the final design is approved, we will develop your product based on your requirement and your customer experience as well.

Process 06

We also offer software and quality testing to identify and fix all the bugs and issues. Enhancement, App compatibility, Performance, and security are also our services.

Process 07

We will push your product to the go-lived version once we guarantee the product is free of issues.

Process 08

We have always provided technical support and maintenance after we finish delivering the project.


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