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Top project management tools for Scrum teams

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Top project management tools for Scrum teams




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Not only IT industries, but all others also require project management skills as the inevitable qualification. As a project manager, smart and versatile project platforms play a significant role in optimizing their performance and minimizing effort for running a project. Simultaneously, as a result of the growth of technology and online management trends, in Agile methodology and Scrum teams, the number of online project platforms that provide thousands of features for specific industries has boomed.

Currently, platforms are developed and innovated to adapt to every need of most business domains. Thanks to that, the project manager can actively increase performance, flexibility, and collaboration with the whole team. The cooperation and satisfaction from stakeholders have been optimized. In this discussion, we will show you the top suggestion list of project management platforms for your alternative options that meet your business budget and requirements.

In addition, when it comes to popular project management tools, there is no doubt about Basecamp. They support users with multiple functions including assigning tasks, increased collaboration, real-time notifications and so on. Remote work is not an obstacle for businesses when using Basecamp.

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When using Basecamp, users can experience all very basic features that a project manager needs such as daily to-do tasks, set schedules with daily and weekly mail reports, managing the status and progress of work effectively, and so on. Also, teams can easily communicate with others through the available group chat.



With Basecamp, the pricing plan is $99 / month for enterprises to maximize all functionality. The pricing plan for businesses of Basecamp is not very attractive unless your business is at a large scale and has a great workforce.


Jira has been well-known as a business project management software. It is outstanding due to its customization for the team’s operating model, and the release process for each project at an enterprise scale. They do provide a free package for business, so the users who wish to use it for personal purposes can enjoy this application. Jira has a function to assist users in storing their documents actively and logically. No matter how many phrases of the project, every newbie or oldie can effortlessly catch up on all important information.


On the contrary, Jira has well-served businesses rather than individuals, so users may spend time and effort practicing and researching the instructions to use Jira. Even worse, the businesses that organize large-scale systems and complicated projects need professional training from Jira to optimize working processes and maximize platform value. In other words, Jira is not easy for beginners to use for the first time.

As it is suitable for business, the pricing has ranged from around $7 to $14 for 1 user/month. The amount would be changed based on the scale and number of members of the project.

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Moreover, Wrike is another platform for project management. If you are an enterprise, Wrike would be an ideal solution. As a result, Wrike completely adapts and responds to the enterprise management level.



Besides the critical features of a project management platform, Wrike allows Zapier integrations and other applications. At the same time, users can import or synchronize with other platforms such as GitHub to migrate projects. Another good thing is they provide a free package for personal usage levels.


In contrast, the business may pay a considerable cost for Wrike’s enterprise package. In particular, It takes $9.8 for 1 user/month for a team of 5-200 people when the businesses wish to purchase the advanced package as the Professional version. This could not be an appropriate expense for startups or SMEs who may not be willing to pay thousands of dollars for a platform. This package is even the lowest price, so users cannot completely possess all advanced functions. If you are concerned about Wrike, the pricing plan is a big barrier.


After a list of business platforms, we would like to share a free tool for individuals and an ideal business package for enterprises. UpDiagram is a free project management platform and is especially suitable for Agile project management. There is no limit and suitable for Startups and SMEs to run an enterprise or individual work at a very low cost. Also, It is appropriate for a work-from-home model in the pandemic era.



Besides different viewing formats such as Kanban, Mindmap, or Calendar format, UpDiagram supports users to manage work, compare, and customize with Sprint Planning quickly on one interface. In addition, the Grid view will give an overall visualization with just one view without more complex action. Besides, users can import existing projects from Excel, Trello, Assembla, or other tools into UpDiagram to save time and minimize errors in the process of planning and operating the project.

Pricing plan

As mentioned above, UpDiagram has a lifetime free package support for individual and business-level usage needs if users do not have to upgrade special-purpose customizations. For more advanced packages, UpDiagram also supports a more attractive fee. The Pro plan is discounted from $5 for 1 user/month to $1 for 1 user/month. The discount period lasts up to 2 years. Furthermore, UpDiagram provides a free training service for all levels of users and allows free use of up to 3 months for the Pro package.

In a nutshell

This is a list of very common project management platforms for enterprises and individuals to organize their projects. In the COVID period, working and managing remotely is one of the inevitable problems. The above applications hopefully are effective solutions for all users and enterprises.