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Step Into The Digital World With Technology Consulting

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Step Into The Digital World With Technology Consulting




Table of contents

A global shockwave of tech-driven transformation will grow over the next few years. As the pace of change has accelerated, businesses need to quickly step into the digital world by embracing new technology. Technology consulting is key to helping your organization enter the right and faster way.

1. What is Technology Consulting?

Technology consulting is a service offered by outsourced IT experts who bring in a wide range of expertise and solutions to solve IT and operational problems.

This service helps clients choose the right technological solutions, and guides them on using them more efficiently, that enables businesses and organizations to:

– Improves the business processes that take place

– Reduces the costs of the company

– Maximizes any tech opportunities

2. When should a company use technology consulting services?

When it comes to technology, we might be overwhelmed by its number. Every day, many new technologies are being invented and applied. So, to make sure that we can choose the right solution, understanding our company’s goal is a very crucial first step.

Once we can figure out a clear company’s scope of our technology problem and needs, the next step is to get a consulting company that has the ability and expertise centered around our organization’s needs.

There are commonly two options for hiring outsourcing technology consulting services. They are going for permanent IT expertise or short-term consulting. The second option is appropriate for a startup company because it takes less time and budget. We just need to pay for the consultant for a specific time frame.

3. What do technology consultants do to help us?

Technology consultants are the ones who could understand our company’s problems and needs. With our organization’s information, they will provide us with solutions, advice, recommendations, or instructions on how to use and adopt varied technologies. Here are some of the fundamental technologies that technology consultants might suggest to our business:

Implementing Software Or Hardware

Software and hardware are like the spines of our company in the digital transformation. We can connect to our customers from abroad if we don’t have a phone or a computer. So first of all, they can give us some advice to upgrade or set our system for better efficiency.


Big Data Analysis

Data is one of the important sources of a company. If we know how to optimize our data, we can find out useful information for prediction and decision. Many businesses have applied Big data analysis systems into their organization, this is an ultimate tool that can help us collect and analyze data more effectively.

Cloud Services

After the Covid 19 pandemic, many businesses gradually switched to working from home. To adapt to the new context, companies have to migrate their IT infrastructure into the cloud. To do this, the process is not just choosing a tool but also identifying the right cloud model (Private, Public, or Hybrid) and service providers (AWS, MS Azure, GCP, etc.) due to our business segments.

Those are some common technologies that we can take as reference, we can follow ITC’s blog to update to explore more interesting technologies and IT trends here


Technology consulting is a sooner or later useful service that helps businesses, especially startups, to fly high in the future digital era. However, we should have a clear scope of our company’s IT situation and problem to make sure that the outsourcing IT team can realize our strategy. Besides, choosing a team that could provide us with innovative consulting services is also important. ITC Group, we take pride in offering mature technology as well as IT consulting from many clients from a wide range of segments. By providing a comprehensive consultancy and our support from an experienced IT team, we help organizations to achieve their goal with the power of information technology. Contact us for further information and consulting.