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  • Mar 14 2024

New Office Announcement: ITC Group presence in Aus

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Announcing our expansion with a new office opening in Australia

ITC Group is proud to announce the extension of our international footprint with the establishment of a new office site in Sydney and Wollongong, Australia. This is the culmination of the continued growth and development over the last five years with Innovative solutions, modern Technologies, and mature process Consulting.

In an interview with ABC, ACS Chief Executive Chris Vein stated that the Australian technology business has been flourishing in recent years. The demand for good human resources in this field has skyrocketed. ITC hopes to capitalize on this expansion by offering our services to enterprises in the Australian IT ecosystem. The new office will allow ITC to provide better solutions and services to our global clients.

“We have experienced great development in collaboration with clients in Australia in recent years,” stated Forest Tran, CEO of ITC Group. Our Australian office is part of ITC’s overall growth plan, which includes offering improved services to potential clients in Australia”. “We’d like to thank all of our clients for making this happen! Finally, all we do is to better serve and offer you with the most excellent outcomes possible. And the new office has already shown to be beneficial in this right from the start!” he continued.

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