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  • Mar 14 2024


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Ho Chi Minh City Nov 18th, 2022 – ITC Group announced it has partnered with CleverTap.

CleverTap is a modern, and integrated retention cloud and a strategic and technical partner of ITC

ITC Group’s aim is to offer our best efforts to your business success by providing innovative solutions, cutting-edge technologies, and mature process consulting. Our goals are to work together to create success stories for our clients. As a result, our partnership projects to develop efficient technologies. Furthermore, by sharing our experience, we want to assist each other establish stronger long-term, sustainable collaboration between the two firms, as well as grow our market to other markets. We hope that a succession of various activities in the near future will result in mutual benefits for the two companies in terms of enhancing quality and developing a stronger business relationship.

CleverTap signing ceremony

“This milestone represents the businesses’ cooperative efforts to develop collaboration in the fields of technology and sales. It’s great to be here for a crucial step forward in ITC Group and CleverTap’s collaboration”, said Mr. Eric, ITC Group – Director of Technology.

Mr. Eric's speech

“We are creating visible changes with the help of our incredible partners, consumers, and supporters. We’ve had the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of industries, covering 5 markets throughout the years. We believe in the power and potential of collaborating with a vast network of devoted specialists. Tasks divided, success doubled! We can invest in all capabilities that are vital to our partners because of the size of our network. We can assist our partners in collaborating and combining their skills,” he added.

Following the signing ceremony, Mr. Ivan – Regional Partnerships Lead at Clevertap, enthusiastically presented a wide variety of development factors.

“We are honored to be a part of ITC Group’s journey. This collaboration is incredibly beneficial. We are convinced that with our assistance, ITC Group will be able to flourish and provide its consumers with exactly what they want,” he said. He also talked about their vision and future plans for working with ITC.

Mr. Ivan sharing

Mr. Ivan, the Representative from CleverTap, and Mr. Eric, the Technology Director of ITC Group, signed the cooperation agreement.




“The signing ceremony was a huge success. Hopefully, both sides can leverage each other’s talents to achieve the finest partnership outcomes. We are excited to see this important strategic collaboration come to fruition”, said Mr. Alex – ITC Group

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