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IT Strategy Consulting and its benefit for businesses

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IT Strategy Consulting and its benefit for businesses




Table of contents

The advancement of modern technology in today’s age must be accompanied by an IT strategy consulting service. To be competitive in the global market, a business must invest in IT. However, to make a smart decision about their IT strategy, a company needs a trusted IT strategy consulting service. Many consulting firms claim they can give a company a head start – in their market, in a short period. But in fact, they only give a company a headache in the long run. If you have been wondering what options you have for an IT strategy consulting service, this blog is absolutely for you.

1. IT Strategy and how it can make your business change?

When we talk about IT strategy, we are directly talking about the systems and networks that run a business. Whether those are physical servers and the company’s website, or the employees who use the cloud and other technology to do their work.

However, it is more than those mentioned above. IT strategy is a set of organization management in terms of information technology, including hardware, software, networks, cloud technology, policies, risk, cost, and human capital. IT strategy has become an essential part of business model creation, to automate conventional and repetitive tasks, increase sales, and customer experience, better collaborate as well and support vendors and other business partners.

IT Strategy and how it can make your business change

Except for technology business, other organizations almost look for IT strategy consulting services to save time and optimize their strategy. An IT strategy consulting service will help your company’s IT department a lot. From identifying and understanding your IT department’s environment or problem to implementing efficient IT strategies to enhance your business profit. Or also be up to date with the IT world that has never stopped changing with many new technologies created, such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), Cloud Storage, IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Blockchain,… So an IT strategy consultant hired in our business is never redundant if we want to keep up with the digital transformation as well as gain competitive advantages.

2. How is IT Strategy Consulting implemented?

Due to your business demands and problems, there are many IT strategy consulting services to adapt your business goals, for example, business process analysis, security consulting, technology consulting, software evaluation,… But generally, a service will start with a company’s IT strategy audits and assessments. In this phase, consultants will have an overview of your business and the IT department to understand what your company’s strengths and weaknesses are. There might be a few activities to identify those, such as reviewing your business mission and current IT strategy, benchmarking IT staff, analyzing spending levels, and data center. After having a solid picture of your organization’s environment, the consultant will suggest suitable company solutions or strategies to develop your IT department quality and software system selection for better operations.

How does IT Strategy Consulting implement

3. Partners’ and vendors’ selection

IT strategy consulting service is an effective solution for organizations to improve their IT development path and adaptive infrastructure. This will be a shortcut for a company that does not want to spend too much time on this department but other important business focuses. For this reason, choosing consulting partners or vendors that are reputable and capable is necessary to consider. Suitable providers will lead you to achieve your goal most shortly with low expense.

With all those requirements above, we would like to recommend to you our IT Strategy Consulting Services, from ITC Group, a software, and technology company with an experienced and skillful team, we are giving you innovative solutions, modern technologies, and mature process consulting that brings sustainable growth and consecutive success for your business.

In IT Strategy Consulting Services, we have transparency and professional processes that will speed up your project and assure the highest quality:


  • Specialize service and strategy that is suitable for Biz scale.
  • Analyze and research the market.
  • Plan the technology roadmap to facilitate decision-making.
  • Provide ad-hoc training to accomplish the goal.


  • Extend and innovate the Business system.
  • Estimate and analyze the market change and complexity.
  • Determine the distinctive business capabilities.
  • Recommend situations for an extension by Growth points.


  • Apply the engagement model for different stages of business.
  • Flexible long-term & short-term partnerships.
  • Consecutive innovation for the biz proliferation.

Our process offered is a routine that is organized due to our experience from our projects and working for many clients worldwide. We are always willing to be your willing partner that can provide you with satisfactory and worthy IT strategies as well as helpful modern technologies. Don’t hesitate to contact us for better consulting and benefits.