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IT Audits & Assessments and The Importance for Business

Table of contents

When digital transformation is no longer new, most businesses are now able to apply modern technology to all their business processes, from data storage, communications to sales and management. IT somehow causes reliance on the business to run with it. Furthermore, a minor IT failure can result in significant business risks. So, to ensure that IT risks are at least mitigated, IT audits and assessments are an essential component of every business’s IT team.

What are IT Audits & Assessments?

IT Audits & Assessments are a set of activities to understand your organization’s IT, involving auditing internal network infrastructure, reviewing current policies and procedures,…
The better you understand your IT situation, the easier it will be to identify and resolve issues. From there, businesses can eliminate unexpected risks and errors and have a clear plan for addressing these issues for improved performance and efficiency.

it audits & assessments

An IT Audits & Assessments process can begin by taking into account your company’s goals, current technology, budget tracking and limitations, industry-standard assessments,… Throughout the process, IT teams and leaders will need to collaborate on many findings to ensure they have a plan for technological improvements and predictions.

When do we need IT Audits & Assessments?

Any company that utilizes and relies on technology requires an IT Audits & Assessments team. A flawless system can never operate as intended at all times. Unexpected issues can arise for even well-established businesses, such as a sudden spike in visitors, particularly for eCommerce and retail websites or financial businesses that depend heavily on security and accuracy.

Preparing for an IT Audits & Assessments

Before you begin an audit, make sure you know what the scope is, what you think your risks are, and what your budget is for making upgrades to your IT. This will help you with completing the audit and executing any changes based on the proposals and recommendations of your consultant.

it audit & assessments

In order to get ready, companies that require audits and assessments typically have two choices. By leveraging the seasoned IT department of the organization, we can expand our team of auditors. In contrast, small businesses and those on a budget are better off employing outsourcing services, as they are both practical and cost-effective.


In regard to IT audits and assessments, notwithstanding your decision, the following criteria must be observed:

  • They are to assess the effectiveness and design of the system’s internal controls.
  • Provide assistance in identifying methods to mitigate the risks to the information assets of an organization.
  • Evaluating the information security systems implemented by an organization is the fundamental purpose of an IT audit.
  • Ensure that processes related to information management adhere to laws, policies, and standards that are specific to IT.

ITC Group happy to offer mature IT Audits & Assessments services in accordance with those specifications, utilizing a roster of clients consisting of a variety of businesses and experienced staff. Contact us for further information and consulting!