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How is Artificial Intelligence influent the human life?

Table of contents

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AI & Benefits

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is now a common term among us. It is a revolution in computer science. The definition of AI is the simulation of machines’s competence to imitate human behavior that are programmed to think and act like humans.

There are many benefits that AI brings to our lives:

 – Reduce human errors: AI can help people cut down on the errors they will make in doing something repeatedly.

 – Available 24/7: Machines can work without a break to fulfill their energy. This is the reason why they are ready whenever humans have a demand.

 – Assistance: An AI-powered chatbot is developed to chat with users, help the digital platforms communicate with customers automatically and give them basic information.

 – More effective decision making: AI has the ability to analyze data faster than humans and give people some useful information that contributes to their decisions.

 – Daily applications: Many companies now develop apps for daily basic use, such as Apple’s Siri, Google’s OK Google, etc., for searching for a location or taking a selfie.

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Application of AI Technology

The advantages that AI brings to our lives make it a trend and dominate many aspects of life:

– Affect various business fields: Many businesses have used AI technology in their operations, such as:

Automation industry: AI with more detail and machine learning is now used globally for automatic manufacturing processes, for automobiles like self-driving cars, and for driver’s voice assistance.

Healthcare industry: AI can significantly improve the healthcare sector through its monitoring and diagnostic abilities. By doing this, AI contributes to the healthcare operational process, reduces errors and cuts costs.

E-commerce industry: businesses now enjoy the benefits that AI brings for them. Several digital entertainment platforms, such as Netflix and YouTube, are using AI in their multimedia platforms. E-commerce websites, including Amazon, eBay, and many other trading websites, use machine learning algorithms that analyze the purchasing history to set the list of products to offer customers shopping with suggested products that fit with customers searching for topics on the Internet.

In marketing: AI provides a powerful technique for the company to collect the customer database, which combines customer behaviors, purchasing history, preferences, attitude toward the product, etc.

– Dominate the daily life: 

AI impacts people’s daily travel with the launch of automatic transportation. It helps us to avoid overload commutes, reduce traffic jams, and increase traffic safety.

AI can replace humans in dangerous jobs that encourage people to work hard and increase job satisfaction.

People now at least have an AI device in their pocket. Smart home technology applies AI to the home security system, appliances, air conditioner, and light control system. That is the reason why AI now “dominates” our lives.


Artificial Intelligence is a significant invention of humans that has led our lives to turn into new leaves. AI applications make our world more and more modern and convenient. There is no doubt that AI is transforming and will continue to change the way we operate our lives.

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