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Web Portal - All You Need To Know

In the World of Wide Web, there is much more than a website that just helps you connect to the information that you need. Today, let’s explore Web Portal with ITC, a web-based platform that provides users with personalized information and the ability to interact with them.

What is a Web Portal?

When it comes to Web Portal, we commonly think of a web that allows users to register their account to interact with the community on the web, to share information or get specific support.

But it is just one of Web Portal’s functions, this kind of platform is a complicated system that offers us more than just account registration.

Web Portal is a web that delivers user access to various kinds of organized information (products, articles, individuals, vendors, suppliers,...) and functionality with an easy-to-use interface.

One of Web Portal's helpful features is it enables users to log in to access their profile as members. This ability allows the Web Owner to easily track their users or customers for particular services. With users, can interact with our organization securely and in a more personalized manner

In short, Web Portal is like a hub for information and communication that can be accessed quickly and easily on any internet-connected device within a web browser.

Its Operation Principle

Web Portal works via pulling information, data from different sources and organizing them in a central location that was categorized to separate different kinds of information that serve specific needs of users.

Moreover, for some special Web Portable such as e-commerce, customized Web Portal,... can personalize the information that user access to shorten the searching time and lead users to the most appropriate result that they need inside the portal. For example, when we search for some products on an e-commerce web, they will automatically show us those related products every time we come back to their website. 

Why Consider Web Portal Development?

Depending on specific segments and the company’s needs, Web Portal can bring different benefits.

For example, an educational institution's Web Portal can help students connect to the online school’s library, contact teachers, administrators, course registration, etc.

In general, Web Portal has some remarkable advantages over a regular website:

- Faster access to organization information:

When you work in a busy business, you need to be able to find information quickly. Customer service workers, marketers, financial analysts, and salespeople spend many hours each week looking for information. Without the right tools, they can become frustrated. Web Portals give both employees and customers easy access to information, so they can be more productive.


- Customization & seamless integration:

Web Portals are websites that provide a personalized experience for customers. They can help businesses be more successful. A study showed that 34% of people are more likely to purchase if a brand personalizes its content. In addition to personalization, customers are also looking for a fast, easy website experience. So, that’s the reason why $2.6 billion is lost each year because of slow-loading websites. High-end plugins can help to increase speed and functionality on Web Portals.


- Improved employee hiring & training:

When you hire someone new, it can be hard to train them so they know how to do their job. You might have to train them on many different things and you might have to use many different applications to teach them. It can take a long time to train them, and it can cost a lot of money and resources. If you use a Web Portal to train your employees, it will be a lot easier. You won't need any special training or IT skills to use the portal. Anyone can use it because it's easy to use.


- Reduced print & distribution costs:

Some kinds of websites, called intranet websites, can save companies money in printing and shipping costs. An intranet website is a place where managers and employees can go to find and get information about the company. If a company has an intranet website, it does not have to print and send out as much paper. The information on the website can be updated easily, too.


- Tighter security & more versatility:

Web Portals are a great way to keep your company's data safe. They provide a high level of security for your company's data. Web Portals are easy to use and you can use them on many different devices. You can use them on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. That way you can use them to access your company's data on the go.


How To Create A Web Portal?

Building a Web Portal is an overwhelming process that requires several advanced site-building skills, including rich application development, client-side and server-side scripting, registration systems, and more

That’s why it’s a good idea to talk to an experienced Web Portal development service before undertaking this type of project. ITC Group, take pride in offering mature technology as well as Web Portal development from many clients from a wide range of segments. By providing a comprehensive consultancy and our support from an experienced IT team, we help organizations to achieve their goal with a powerful website. Contact us for further information and consulting.

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