Empire SUITE - Cloud Financial Management Software
Empire SUITE powers the inner workings of successful businesses, from managing employee expenses, hours, and time off to ensuring project managers have the resources they need to achieve their goals.


Technologies/Concepts used

ASP.NET Web Forms, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, WCF, Microsoft Graph API, Microsoft Teams Bot, Microsoft Azure, Adaptive Cards, Hero Card, ASP.NET Core Web API, Microsoft SQL Database, Microsoft Teams App Studio, SOAP API, RESTful API, VBScript, Power BI, FTP, Android, Java, Android SDK, Google Play Console, Push Notification, SQLite, Xcode, Objective-C, Testflight, Mobile Development, Website Development, Report development, Project management.

Project Type

B2B, Web application, Mobile application

Key Challenges

Deal with a large amount of data

Data comes from stored procedures which is not well supported by Power BI

Deal with Microsoft graph throttling

Unidentified official design for Report formatting

Our solutions

Create database structure to deal with a large amount of data, and It also supports Power BI

Create background jobs and queue

Consulting and experienced knowledge of past projects.

Web/Mobile application features