GiveTour - Free Tournament Bracket
This tool is to assist sport league communities to create and manage their own tournaments. No matter their tournament scale, GiveTour can support to organize the Leagues with thousands of competitors. Also, it provides a wide range of Sports and League types.


Technologies/Concepts used

C#, .NET Framework, Microsoft SQL Database, JavaScript, KnockoutJS, HTML5 & Bootstrap, CSS, AWS, SASS, BDD Testing, Jenkins, JMeter, Mobile Development, Website Development, Software service, Sports.

Project Type

B2B, Web application

Key Challenges

Code Refactoring and achieving the solution with defined time interval considering all dynamic objects

Maintaining and updating software in such a way that excessive cost can be avoided and essential business service continues to be delivered. The software system was developed many years ago. We need to maintain and update them with time.

Our solutions

Use of Entity framework to remove in-line queries.

Apply latest backend & frontend technologies to maximize load and update results ability

Update live results and fixture in real-time

Web/Mobile application features