Geronimo - Geronimo helps non-profits raise money
Geronimo has developed several unique platforms that help businesses easily connect with non-profit organizations. Geronimo’s platforms enable golf courses and resorts, golf management companies, vacation rental managers, golf professionals, cruise lines, restaurants, retailers, and instructors to leverage the promotional reach of tens of thousands of non-profit organizations to help promote their unique experiences.


Key Challenges

Dealing with a legacy system which has lasted for more than 10 years. Such a system like this applies many kinds of technologies with different versions, stretching from very old to the modern one.

Searching on hundreds of thousands of certificates data from more than 100 tables linking together with lots of complex and flexible rules. Performance is non-negotiable.

Making reports for a large amount of data which are also very complicated to query.

Integrating with many vendors from similar to completely different domains: email marketing, CRM, Mobile bidding.

Sprint is very short and new features are coming weekly.

Our solutions

Team members need to have a wide range of suitable skills on many different technologies to maintain and enhance this system.

Applying to improve the searching feature.

Always try the best to optimize every single database query to get the best performance. Which also requires a deep knowledge of entity framework and MS SQL.

Applying many design patterns to make the source code flexible, easy to maintain and extend.

Every member knows their roles clearly. Also, be proactive in supporting each other to commit to success.

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