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A platform pledging to help indie filmmakers more easily distribute and profit from their movies, launched Wednesday. This platform allows moviemakers to cut out third parties who they usually turn to in order to find distribution platforms. With this platform, they can upload films themselves and keep more than 90% of revenues. Movies are available to rent and own.


Key Challenges

To take control of digital content away from the person who possesses it and handing it to a computer program.

Dealing with smart TV platform fragmentation. It’s a long list encompassing: MacOS, Windows, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku

Our solutions

Develop features with latest technologies and best practices to offer user with the best UI/UX.

To avoid this problem, we use a Digital Right Management (DRM) solution involving the use of codes that prohibit content copying or limit the number of devices a product can be accessed from. Only be accessed by anyone with the decryption key.

Different devices mean different SDKs and APIs that are frequently updated by vendors. To avoid compatibility problems in this regard, scrutinize the documentation for every particular smart TV platform, strictly follow the required guidelines when deploying the app, and provide comprehensive API update support. Define a matrix of platforms for testing as well as test the feasibility of using real-time devices to ensure testing quality

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