AloAnalytics - Enhance Customer Service and user expectation
This provides the business development, customization and integration for our secure bot analytics that meets the requirements of security policy, processes and other specific requests. AloAnalytics is convenient and appropriate with many up-to-date chatbot frameworks. Simultaneously, It can host both on-premise and cloud servers.


Key Challenges

We are supporting mass of incoming/outgoing messages from the Facebook channel of clients, so the major challenge should be the performance. We need to ensure that there is no lost incoming/outgoing message and the Conversation should work smoothly.

Another performance issue came from the huge amount of chat data that we need to collect and analyze for the report on the Dashboard page. We need to consider a way to collect it and display the report correctly.

Our solutions

We implemented a web socket with stream technology.

We used a service from MS to store data, then write a query with Kusto language and render everything by using PowerBI platform.

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