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Why did we choose AWS?

Why did we choose AWS

Cloud computing has become a trend with higher cost-efficiency, security, and reliability in the world, over the past decade. Most enterprises and businesses which do not strongly depend on the on-premise server rooms and networking have a big concern about this. As Cloud computing development, the major providers have consecutively innovated their networking infrastructure for global market share and healthy competition.

When it comes to Cloud computing, It’s no surprise that the big three providers are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. This article today will discuss AWS benefits and why we should choose them.

AWS services

AWS, as mentioned above, is very popular and familiar because It is the leading cloud platform with high comprehension and adoption. At the same time, AWS has provided multiple services and solutions in order to facilitate Cloud computing and increase its benefits and value that make them stay ahead in their market share.

AWS Benefits

Applicable for most users’ need and requirements

With over 60+ services ready for you to use in just a few taps with AWS systems, tasks like storage, deployment to content distribution folders, and more are delivered to you at once. the fastest way. You do not have to pay the cost of capital upfront, creating conditions for long-established businesses, new businesses, small and medium enterprises, ... to have equal opportunities to approach necessary mergers. , responding to changes to business performance.

No matter the scales of businesses or startups, AWS provides different services and solutions that can be delivered to your business with just a few clicks. Also, there is no requirement for prepaid expenses. Every time you want to stop using AWS service, you can actively do it and there is no cost charged. With AWS, you can reduce the cost based on your usage increases. In other words, the more you use, the less you pay per GB. Therefore, you can adjust the way you use AWS so that AWS appropriates your business needs.

A multitude of services and advanced features

As you know, AWS has been the leading Cloud platform in the world so AWS has more advanced services and features so as to pay the way for fast, easy, and cost-effective use. AWS in-depth features include machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoTs, Robotics, analytics and so on. AWS is also known as one of the best platforms to allow users to approach a new collaboration way because of AWS partnership with Pinterest, GE and MLB. All of these tools will help you focus on your business management instead of paying for physical infrastructure.

High Security

Security is the highest priority of most users in terms of the top 5 benefits of using the cloud with nearly 45% responses. To adapt to this trend, AWS improve the performance and security by making leaps and bounds over the past decade so as to invent new ways to host data. Some of their security features which comprise Identity and Access Management (IAM), AWS Multi-Factor Authentication, AWS Directory Services, Amazon VPC, web application firewall capabilities in AWS WAF and so on are the precondition to make AWS trustworthy.

Network sites and server locations

AWS is a global brand and it is understandable when you can see their service is around the world with millions of users. Currently, It is easy for the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies to use AWS anywhere. Spain, Japan, and Indonesia, the three geographic regions are in AWS plan for nine more Availability Zones to increase from 77 to 86 Availability Zones within 24 geographic regions around the world. AWS’s global infrastructure systems are always expanding to support customers. This helps users’ experience higher throughput, lower latency, but ensure data integrity. In particular, the advantages of massive regions and availability zones includes:

- Availability: Multiple Availability Zones in different 24 geographic regions enhance productivity, quality, connection speed, security, and stability. Robust and secure connection keeps apps running smoothly and fluently.

- Service: AWS paves the way for redundancy and data handling once problems occur. It is able to replicate data between geographic regions in order to accelerate connection speeds and lower latency.

- Controlling: Startups, enterprises, and agencies have better chances to manage data with high security and acquire resources in their geographic regions.

To sum up, there is a pay-as-you-go approach for pricing, so you can choose packages for your specific service. Besides, customers no longer concern about latency, connection speed, and unexpected expenses for any size of companies. Therefore, ITC Group also partnership with AWS to provide better and more secure service to our customers. If you are looking for an IT service solution provider, we are here for discussion.

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Cloud Computing & Migration

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