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IT surprising statistics (Part2)

Technology is one of the most rapidly changing industries. There are many interesting things about IT that we haven’t known yet. This article below continues to give you some surprising information about IT stats and facts:

11. Did you ever plug your USB in the wrong way? 
88% of people plug their USB upside-down. It looks so easy but the majority of people at least once make a mistake with it.

12. The first game online was introduced in the last century.
Sega Dreamcast was the name of the first 128-bit console that allowed online play. It was released to the market in 1999. Unfortunately, it was introduced too early to become popular nowadays.
Gamne online

13. A surgeon has good hands might be also a gamer
According to a study, surgeons who played video games over 3 hours per week make 37% fewer errors!
Oddly enough, they also got a 42% faster completion rate when doing laparoscopic surgeries, as well as suturing.

14. “Android” is a male robot
- The word “Android” defines a male person with the outlook of a robot.
- The equivalent word for female sex is “Gynoid”

15. Babies now are named by technology
- A statistic in 2012 figured out that at least 6 girls called Apple, 49 boys called Mac and at least 17 girls called Siri.
- In 2015, Alexa is in the 32nd of the most popular name for babies in the U.S which account for 6,050 (Amazon Alexa was introduced to the market some last months of 2014)
- In 2018, fewer people follow this trend which displays by just over 3000 babies were named by Alexa, dropped from 32nd in 2015 to 90th in 2018
Baby's name

16. How much do you pay for a phone number?
The milestone of the most expensive phone number was in 2006 in Qatar. The phone number 666-6666 was sold for $2.76 million by an anonymous bidder in a charity auction.

17. Did you keep all the apps you installed on your cell phone?
A statistic figured out that we only keep 1 of every 10 apps we installed. It is estimated that nearly 90% of total apps in mobile phones are deleted in the long term because the data storage is limited or since you don’t use that app in the long term.

18. Digital technology protects the environment.
It is forecasted that digital technology contributed to decreasing global carbon emissions in 2030 by 20%. This rate equivalent to the rid of 100% emissions in China bonus 1500 million tons! An enormous statistic.

19. Chinese people go shopping on their mobile phones. 
- Now in Chinese people tend to shop online. This is a trend that influences the way Chinese people living 
- It is estimated that about two-thirds of online shopping in China is made by cell phones. Comparison with China, U.S residents shopping online with a rate of 46% by a mobile phone. 
Shopping online
Technology is one of the most influential sectors of our life. It has its own attraction and is interesting. Through these statistics and numbers, we can uncover and understand some exciting factors in the technology industry. We will continue to give you other fun facts about technology in the near future. 
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