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IT surprising statistics (Part 1)

 From the day of appearing in the world, information technologies had changed our life completely. Theses are some interesting statistics that we collect and we hope they will make you surprise a little about today world outlook:

1. More than half of the world has a cell phone, but not as many as they have a toothbrush!!!

A statistic from a couple of years ago showed that: nearly 4 billion people all over the world own a mobile phone, meanwhile, just 3.5 billion people globally have a toothbrush.


Tooth bruh VS Cellphone

2. Almost all the emails on the Internet seem to be spam ones.

     - About 95% of 100 billion emails appear on the Internet and move straight forward to the spam mails category.

     - As many people see that just 5 billion emails on the Internet are worth reading. A very small amount in total!


Spam mail

3. More and more things created in the digital world

     - 570 new websites are created every minute. 

     - 72 hours of video are uploaded every single minute. It means 10 years equivalent time of video appears on YouTube daily!!

     - 56 million hours of music is live stream every day.

4. People spend more and more time on Netflix every day

Netflix is the biggest online watching flatform with 250 million hours of TV shows and movies are watched on Netflix every single day. While people take bout 164 million hours daily to stream Netflix

The CoVid pandemic completely changed human habit!!!


5. Several facts about Apple:

  - Nearly one-third (2.3 billion) people worldwide now own an iPhone.

  - All the advertisements on the iPhone are set at 9:41 to commemorate the time Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone to the world. According to the first photo, the iPhone displayed the exact 9:41 am.


6. Facts related to Google will make you feel WOW:

     - Google no doubt is the biggest search page which is illustrated by impressive numbers: more than 3.5 billion searches daily - 35 billion Google searches monthly.

     - The top 3 words searches in Google are Facebook- 233 million, YouTube - 194 million searches, and Amazon - 103 million searches respectively. 

     - A funny fact about the most famous searching platform is that Google rents out goats. It right, you can find more to know that Google rent goats to eat the grass in their headquarter - Mountain View instead of renting someone to cut the grass

     - I use Google to check the word spelling a hundred times and most people do so. 97% of people at least once type in a word to Google to see how it spelled in the right way.

     - Do you wonder how much energy Google spends? I found a statistic that said that Google uses about 0.013% of entire global energy use. It is equivalent to 200,000 household energy use. 


It’s no surprise that Google needs a lot of power as the enormous searches every day. 



7. Know more about the biggest social media platform: Facebook

     - Number of likes are higher than photos on Facebook: over 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook daily with  800 million “Likes” reactions being accounted per day. On the other hand, 175 million “Love” reactions are given out every single day

     - It is so unreasonable but true that about 33% of divorces rates are blamed for Facebook. Particular reasons are unsuitable messages sent to other people. It leads couples to argument, and other problems like suspicion about their relationships. It doesn’t make sense when you don’t really pay attention, but it actually happens in real life.

8. Candy Crush gains an unbelievable revenue:

Many people have already installed Candy Crush on their PCs or cell phones which help Candy Crush earn more than $1.74 million every day and more than $636 million annually.

9. The size of the first VCR is a little bit big: like a piano

The first VCR (Video Camera Recorder) was invented in 1956 and looked like the piano in size.  How do you imagine if the VCR is still big like that?


10. How long to take a photo?

- To take a photo now just needed a part of the second. But do you know that the first camera spent an unimaginable time long to expose?

- The first photograph was taken in 1826 which needed 8 hours to expose!!!

- Fortunately, Louis Daguerre - the inventor of that camera shortened the time to only 15 minutes in 1939.




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