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With the growth of technology, we can't deny that there is a rise in cyber security threats. If you're a small business owner, you probably don't have a dedicated cyber security team to work on your business. As a result, you become more vulnerable to cyber attacks and data breaches. In this blog, ITC would like to share with you some of the simple cyber security tips to help small businesses stay safe from potential risks and threats.

1. Backup your data

Data plays a vital role in every business. Some data might be confidential information that can’t be leaked, such as human resources and finance documents. So the way we store our data is needed to be concerned.

There are many choices to backup our data. We can upload it into the cloud, store it in hardware (HDDs, SSDs, or Flash drives), or send it off-site to a records management facility.


Storing your data is not only in case you lose all your data but also from ransomware attacks. Ransomware hackers use a type of malware that can unable your important system as well as data storage. You can only gain your connection back if you pay them a hefty ransom. So always remember to back up everything that you cannot live without. But sometimes, backing up doesn’t mean you can stay safe at all, try to install encryption on all your data and devices that contain important and sensitive information.

2.Train employees


In fact, cyber-attacks usually happen to employees. This is easy to understand because employees tend to be unaware of cyber security knowledge and be subjective.

To tackle this and enhance business security, employees had better get more cyber security training courses as well as practices and a set of cyber rules to follow.

The first step to raise this awareness to your company is really important, but let ITC recommend you some simple practices that we can implement into our workplace and form a security mindset :

  • Encourage employees to change their passwords periodically. And remember to use strong password or consider using password management software.

  • Put up posters in the office as reminders of cyber policy.

  • Warn employees from using business devices for personal work or lend them to friends, family.

4.Invest in a scanning tool

A scanning tool or anti-virus software is an indispensable solution for companies to stay safe from cyber attacks and hackers. This software supports us proactively scanning for viruses and threats on your devices or protect from cyber attacks.

However, keep in mind that cybercrimes always target and find ways to attack this firm. As long as we are still using the Internet, they always take this chance to infiltrate. Fortunately, some software providers usually update their products for the best protection. So make sure that you can install the latest update version of your software or tools. Also, updating your web browser or operating system should be taken as they have specific protection features (Firewalls, Defenders,...) that help us protect against cyber attacks a lot.

There are many options for free anti-virus software, some of them might be free or paid for premium upgrades. However, you get what you pay for, not all of the software can help you tackle all the problems and some might be unreliable and contain malware or spyware. So take care at the step of choosing your trusted software and providers. 

5.Secure your WiFi

Maybe you might not know that WiFi can be an ideal gate for hackers to step into your company’s system. Besides ensuring that the WiFi password is not given to those who are not your employee or need it, it also has to be encrypted and hidden. Like data security, WiFi security should need some proper training for employees to remind them of the potential danger of passwords sharing.


We hope these above easy and low-cost tips can help your company or your personal cyber experience stay safe from dangers and risks. And if you are looking for a more optimal and reliable solution that can keep your business system secured, a Security Consulting service is never wasted.

We would like to recommend you our Security Consulting service, our teams will consult you to identify and method tackle your IT issues during the development process. With our experience from working with many businesses from small to big, we are willing to be your trusted partner that can bring you appropriate IT solutions. Contact us for further information.

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Tips and Fun facts